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Deer Hunters:  The antlerless deer quota for Training Areas 18-49 has been extended for an additional 20 antlerless deer as of 28 November.  The results from our fall deer camera survey were positive and indicated a steady population increase in this zone over the past several years allowing us to expand the quota.


Deer Hunters: Let us measure and score your buck.  If you have harvested a buck this year, no matter how big or small, we would like to measure and score its rack.  This will help us continue to build our database of deer harvest data which is a vital part of making deer management decisions.  You can bring your rack by the Natural Resources Field Office during normal duty hours or give us a call to make other arrangements.  Thanks to those who have already brought in a rack for measurement.


Total Deer Harvest (all areas, as of 13 December)

               Bucks: 116

                 Does: 83

  Total Harvest: 199

Click here to see the list of deer harvested so far this season.


Antlerless Quota* (as of 13 December)                            

  Quota Deer Harvested:  55                                   

 Quota Deer Remaining:  16                                                   

                    Total Quota:  71                                        

*Antlerless Quota only applies to Training Areas 18-49.  Only 2 quota deer may be harvested per hunter in these areas. Hunting in these areas will be restricted to antlered bucks only once the quota is met.


Deer Hunters:  Please remember that all deer harvested during normal duty hours (M-F 0800-1600, excluding federal holidays) must be checked by an installation biologist before you leave the installation.  Phone numbers for reaching one of the biologists can be found at each of the Outdoor Rec Information Stations.   For more information concerning deer check requirements click here.


Deer Hunters: After harvesting a deer, do not fill out the electronic harvest information during the iSportsman check out process until you have taken your harvest to one of the check stations and weighed it and pulled a jawbone.  Please do not estimate weights. Once you have supplied the requested information about your harvest during the iSportsman check out  process, you do not need to submit a paper kill card.   For more information concerning deer check requirements click here.


Deer Cooler Instructions: The deer cooler at the game warden's complex is operational and can be utilized by hunters if Fort Gordon personnel are available to open the gate and cooler. To access the cooler, call 706-791-4380 (MP Desk) to reach a game warden. If a game warden is available they can meet you at the cooler and log in your deer. If you wish to access the cooler during normal duty hours (M-F; 07:30-16:00) then you can contact the Natural Resources Branch at 706-726-0098 or 706-840-5022.


Reminder: All iSportsman users, please remember to check out and report any game harvested as soon as you are finished with your activity.  Failure to check out may result in a citation and/or account suspension.  Also, all participants (participating guests) must check in under a sponsor, but must check out using their own account.


As of 1 August 2017, all check-in/out for Fort Gordon outdoor recreation activities will go through the iSportsman system. The Control Access Log Stations will no longer be used for check in/out. Users may check in/out on the iSportsman website using a computer/smartphone or telephonically by calling (855) 252-6110. 

All users must create a profile and acquire permits in the iSportsman system BEFORE participating in outdoor recreation. The TASC will no longer sell permits. If you are a current permit holder, we can award you a transition permit in the iSportsman system AFTER you have registered and created a profile. Please visit the FAQ page and see "I still have a current Fort Gordon hunting or fishing permit. Do I have to buy a new permit in iSportsman? Can I check-in to iSportsman with my current license?" for further instructions.




Our goal is to provide Fort Gordon and the CSRA with safe, quality hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation opportunities by managing the ecosystems and biodiversity through conservation, protection, restoration, and sustainment, all-the-while supporting the military mission. The Fort Gordon Fish & Wildlife Program is responsible for all species of game, non-game, and nuisance animals. We ensure compliance with laws and regulations such as the Endangered Species Act (ESA), Sikes Act, and administer the Hunting & Fishing Program.

Hunting and Fishing

  • Open to all active and retired military personnel, active and retired civilian DoD employees and the families of these individuals.
  • Our public access lottery allows a certain number of individuals from the general public to purchase a hunting or fishing license.
  • Those wishing to hunt and fish on Fort Gordon must have a valid state of Georgia Hunting or Fishing License.
  • All hunters, regardless of age, must possess proof of completion of a state-approved hunter education course.
  • All individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a licensed individual 18 years old or older.




Fort Gordon offers a variety of nature trails and natural resource educational opportunities.  Our Fish & Wildlife staff are available for small to large groups consisting of soldiers, students, and the general public.  We use educational tools such as animal skulls, plants, display boards, and LIVE ANIMALS!!  If you would like to host a nature trail at your location, please contact us well in advance as to allow preparation for the event.

All personnel who wish to participate in hunting, fishing, or other outdoor recreation on Fort Gordon must first view the Installation safety video and acknowledge a hold harmless agreement. You can use the following link to view the safety video. Please note that this file exceeds one megabyte and may take a very long time to download depending on your connection speed.


Located along Rowe Lane, this natural resource hot-spot includes a 1/2 mile handicapped-accessible trail and two-story viewing platform located along a 25-acre natural beaver pond, affording ample opportunity for nature viewing and environmental education. The trails location within a wetland and adjacent to an upland sand hills region provides a vivid representation of the variety of habitats on Fort Gordon.  In addition, this wetland provides suitable habitat for some of the rare and protected species on the installation.