Hunting on Fort Gordon

Fort Gordon provides hunting for white-tailed deer, wild turkey, waterfowl, and small game. If you plan on hunting on Fort Gordon, you will need the appropriate State of Georgia and Fort Gordon hunting licenses or permits. You will also be required to complete a background check (FG Form 9243) and submit it to the Law Enforcement Center for approval prior to bringing firearms onto the installation.

In addition to the specific regulations contained in the Fort Gordon Hunting, Fishing, and Training Area Recreation Regulation, all general state hunting laws and regulations apply. Carefully review the Georgia Hunting Regulations for information on general laws and regulations relating to hunting. For our hunting season dates please see the "Regulations & Forms" tab on the blue bar above.


Deer Hunting on Fort Gordon

Fort Gordon provides the opportunity for sportsmen to hunt white-tailed deer. Fort Gordon has approximately 50,000 acres of land available for deer hunting; Fort Gordon is divided into 3 different deer management areas.

Training areas 1-17 are limited to archery hunting only. There are no specific limits on deer harvested in these areas other than the bag limits set forth in the state of Georgia Hunting regulations.

Training areas 18-49 are open to hunt with archery, muzzleloaders, and shotguns. There is an antlerless quota set for these training areas: a limit of 2 does per hunter and a total antlerless quota for the area (set prior to each deer hunting season; check the News page for updates on the quota). Training areas 48-49 are open to hunt with all weapons (archery, muzzleloaders, shotguns, and rifles). Areas 48, 49A, and 49B have occupancy limits and recreation in these areas will be first come, first serve.

For ALL deer harvested on Fort Gordon, hunters are required submit a lower jawbone. For antlerless deer, the jawbone must be submitted at the time of checkout. For antlered deer, the jawbone must be submitted within 7 days of harvest. Instructions for pulling and submitting jawbones are detailed in this tutorial and are also posted at each Training Area Recreation Information Station. Also, all deer harvested during normal duty hours (M-F, 0700-1600) must be checked by a Fort Gordon biologist. Contact a biologist at (706) 832-7661, (706) 726-0098, or (706) 791-9932.

For more information on Fort Gordon's hunting regulations see our Hunting, Fishing, and Training Area Recreation Regulation. For more on deer hunting season dates and limits, see the Big Game Hunting Seasons.


Deer Camera Survey

The Natural Resources Branch performs annual deer camera surveys to estimate the population of deer on the installation. Here are a few stand-out photos from the 2018 survey.


Wildlife Food Plots

Every year, Fort Gordon Natural Resources Branch plants wildlife openings in most training areas. We plant a variety of summer and winter food plots including wheat, clover, peas, soybeans, chufa, sunflowers, and more.


Dove Hunting

Fort Gordon Natural Resources Branch plants multiple dove fields in training areas 23, 28, and 30. We strive to provide a fun and successful dove-hunting experience for our sportsmen. For more information on our dove seasons, see the yearly Small Game Seasons listed under the "Regulations & Forms" tab on the blue bar above.


Night-time Hunting

Small game hunting for bobcat, raccoon, opossum, fox, and coyote is permitted at night. Hunters must obtain a free "Night-time Hunting Permit" in addition to their Hunting Permit if they wish to hunt small game between sunset and sunrise.


Feral Hog Hunting

There is a limited population of feral hogs on Fort Gordon. They may be hunted during any open hunting season or during the special hog hunting season (January-March) between the end of deer season and beginning of turkey season. See the yearly Small Game Seasons listed under the "Regulations & Forms" tab on the blue bar above for more information.

**Information on this page is subject to change. For most up-to-date information, see our "Regulations & Forms" tab and our "News" tab.