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PUBLIC ACCESS USERS: The VCC will begin accepting 9243 forms on 18 July 2024. After submitting your 9243 form (background check) to the VCC, please wait 10-14 days before picking up your approved form. You do not need to call to check on the status of the form. In order to pick up your approved 9243 and get your access pass linked to your driver's license, you will need to bring a copy of your driver's license to the VCC. For more information, visit the public access page.


ATTENTION ANGLERS:  Due to a number of lakes being closed for repairs, the Clay Pit Lakes will all remain open through 31 July 2024. 


Reminder: All iSportsman users are required to take the Fort Eisenhower Safety Briefing (video and quiz) ANNUALLY. The safety briefing is set up to expire on June 15th each year for ALL ACCOUNTS, regardless of when you last took it. If you cannot check-in or purchase permits, please check your safety brief validation expiration. You can check this by logging in to your account and selecting "My Account" > "Account Details" > "Validations." The safety brief video and quiz can be found under "My Safety Briefs".


Total Turkey Harvest: 20

2024 Turkey Harvest Record (As of 12 June 2024)


ATTENTION HUNTERS: The Natural Resources Branch is beginning its prescribed fire season and will continue through the end of June. It is the hunter’s responsibility to fireproof their stands, blinds, or game cameras so they are not damaged during wild and/or prescribed fires. 


New to iSportsman? Need some assistance getting started? Review our Tutorial to guide you through the process from start to finish. Also, common questions can be found on the FAQ page. Click here for the iSportsman User Guide


iSportsman Users: Please update and/or add vehicle information and all other information required on your iSportsman accounts. Per FG Reg 420-5, failure to maintain up-to-date information in/on iSportsman will result in a suspension of recreation privileges for up to six (6) months for the 1st offense and up to privilege revocation for the second offense.


All iSportsman Users: As a reminder, ALL USERS WILL MAINTAIN UP TO DATE ACCOUNT DETAILS including but not limited to user contact information, local physical address, and emergency contact information. Updates can be made on the Update Registration page under the My Account tab after logging into your iSportsman account.


ATTENTION: All individuals wanting to use Firearms on Fort Eisenhower - memorandum summarizing key policies and procedures for using privately-owned Firearms and Other Dangerous Weapons on Fort Eisenhower has been produced and can be read here: https://go.usa.gov/x7bK3.

Firearms users remember there are strict regulations regarding firearms and other dangerous weapons. They must be used, registered, carried, stored, transported, and secured in accordance with the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence & Fort Gordon Regulation 210-13.


Reminder: Fort Eisenhower iSportsman users, please check your account and your ability to check-in prior to arriving on Fort Eisenhower to recreate. If there is an issue with your account, NRB staff will not be available to help unless it is during our business hours of 0800-1600 Mon-Thurs and 0800-1500 Fri. Our office is closed on Saturday, Sunday, and federal holidays. Please ensure that you have completed your annual safety brief video and quiz and all of your permits are valid.


The iSportsman system is equipped with a feature that will send users a checkout reminder via text or email 30 minutes prior to the required checkout time. If you wish to receive the reminder by text, ensure that you have the correct mobile phone number and text messages enabled in your iSportsman account profile.  For those who choose not to enter a mobile phone number or enable text messages, the reminder will come in the form of an email to the address you have on file in your iSportsman account profile.  As a reminder, it is your responsibility to check out using the iSportsman system upon the completion of your activity as stated in the Fort Eisenhower Regulation 420-5. Do not wait until you get a reminder or until the mandatory checkout time.

*Upon the first failure to check out, individuals will receive up to a 14-day suspension, however, two failures to check out within a six (6) month period will result in a suspension of privileges for up to three (3) months. -- Figure 5, pg 41, FG Reg 420-5


Users Sponsoring Participants or Guests: All Participants (participating guests) must check in under a sponsor, but must check out using their own account.  All Guests (non-participating guests) must be checked in under a sponsor and will be checked out automatically when the sponsor checks out.



Our goal is to provide Fort Eisenhower and the CSRA with safe, quality hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation opportunities by managing the ecosystems and biodiversity through conservation, protection, restoration, and sustainment, all-the-while supporting the military mission. The Fort Eisenhower Fish & Wildlife Program is responsible for all species of game, non-game, and nuisance animals. We ensure compliance with laws and regulations such as the Endangered Species Act (ESA), Sikes Act, and administer the Hunting & Fishing Program.

Hunting and Fishing



Training Area Recreation

Fort Eisenhower offers a variety of nature trails, two road bicycle routes, and one unpaved bicycle route through the Natural Resources Management Area.


Located along Rowe Lane, this natural resource hot-spot includes a 1/2 mile handicapped-accessible trail and a two-story viewing platform located along a 25-acre natural beaver pond, affording ample opportunity for nature viewing and environmental education. The trails location within a wetland and adjacent to an upland sand hills region provides a vivid representation of the variety of habitats on Fort Eisenhower. In addition, this wetland provides suitable habitat for some of the rare and protected species on the installation.


Education & Outreach

Our Fish & Wildlife and Forestry staff are available for small to large groups consisting of soldiers, students, and the general public.  We use educational tools such as animal skulls, plants, display boards, and LIVE ANIMALS!!  If you would like to host a nature trail at your location, please contact us well in advance as to allow preparation for the event.