Public Access Information

Fort Gordon hunting and fishing privileges are extended to a select number of the general public through our annual public access lottery.  Following the drawing, lottery winners will be allowed to purchase the same permits available to DoD affiliated patrons for one year.  Public access users will be required to complete a driver history and criminal background check before entering the installation. It is advisable to confirm favorable results of the backgound check before purchasing a permit as no refunds will be issued. 

Base support contractor employees are no longer able to purchase a hunting or fishing permit as an authorized user and therefore, should enter the Public Access Lottery if they would like to hunt or fish on Fort Gordon.  Additionally, the privilege to purchase Fort Gordon hunting and fishing permits is no longer extended to adult family members of the lottery winner. Therefore, each member of the family over the age of 17 who wants to hunt or fish on Fort Gordon must enter the Public Access Lottery.

Public Access Lottery Entry

Annually: 01 July - 15 July

To enter the public access lottery, individuals must first register with iSportsman and create their profile (click "Login/Register" on the blue bar above). Please make sure you select "Public" as your customer type or you will not be able to purchase a lottery ticket. After registration is complete, individuals should click the acquire permits button on their account homepage. When the lottery entry period is open, a "Public Access Lottery Entry Ticket" should be available to purchase. Add this ticket to your cart and checkout. Please note that we have set a small fee on the entry ticket, but the lottery winners will be partially compensated with lower permit prices.

Purchasing this entry ticket will automatically enter your name into the lottery. Winners will be notified by email on the day after the lottery entry period ends. If you are a lucky winner, you can log on to your iSportsman account, complete a required safety briefing, and purchase your permit(s). If you were notified as a winner and do not see any permits available for purchase, please make sure you have completed the safety brief and entered your Georgia DNR numbers (entered during registration or via the "My Account" tab in your profile). No permits will be available to anyone who has not completed these steps. All permits purchased from the Public Access lottery will expire one year from purchase date or no later than August 1 of the following year.

To obtain access to Fort Gordon you must first go to the Fort Gordon Visitor Control Center (VCC) at Gate 1 to obtain a visitor's pass.  You will  then need to proceed to the Law Enforcement Center (Building 32422) on Rice Rd. and submit a completed 9243 form (driver's history and criminal background check).  Expect 5-7 business days turnaround on this form.  Once you have picked up your approved 9243 form, return to the VCC to acquire your extended access (AIE) card. You may want to confirm favorable results of your background check before purchasing your permits as we do not issue refunds.