Frequently Asked Questions:

What is iSportsman?

iSportsman is an online system that allows you to purchase permits for hunting, fishing, outdoor recreation, and harvesting of forest products from your computer or smartphone. You will also use this program to check in/out of any recreation activities. iSportsman is also used as an information hub, including information about the Ft Eisenhower Natural Resources program, access to maps of Ft. Eisenhower, information about closed and open areas, and much more.

How do I register with iSportsman?

Just click the Login/Register link on the blue bar above. You will need to provide your name, birthday, phone number, physical address, and email address. This information is all required to create your account. After your account is created, you will enter additional information on the next page including emergency contact, vehicle information, GA DNR number (if you wish to purchase a hunting and/or fishing permit), Hunters Safety Number (if you wish to purchase a hunting permit), etc.

For a visual step-by-step guide to registering, purchasing permits, and checking in/out on iSportsman, view this tutorial.

How do I purchase a permit?

Once you have registered with iSportsman, you will be able to access your account and purchase any available permits. To purchase a permit, log in to your account and either click the "Acquire Permits" button on your account home page or the "Available Permits" link on the top blue bar. Select your desired permit from the list and click "Add to Cart" button. Once you have selected your permit, click "View Cart and Checkout" and purchase your permit(s) using a credit or debit card. At this point, you can print your permit(s).

For a visual step-by-step guide to registering, purchasing permits, and checking in/out on iSportsman, view this tutorial.

Who can purchase a permit on Fort Eisenhower?

Active and retired Armed Forces personnel, active and retired civilian employees of the Department of Defense, members of the Army/National Guard and Drilling Reservists, Veterans (need VHIC) and certain caregivers in accordance with the National Defense Authorization Act 2019, and dependent family members of any of the above can purchase Fort Eisenhower hunting and fishing permits. Employees of base support contractors and non-DOD civilian employees (DOJ, DOE, etc.) are no longer authorized users and must enter in to the Public Access Lottery for hunting and fishing pemits.

We also run a public access lottery every year that allows a number of individuals from the general public to purchase Fort Eisenhower hunting and fishing permits. For more information on the public access lottery, see the question "I am a non-DOD affiliated civilian (i.e. general public). Can I hunt or fish on Fort Eisenhower?" below.

Training Area Recreation permits and forest harvesting permits are available to anyone who can legally access Fort Eisenhower, either with an access card or by visiting the Visitor Control Center and passing a driver history and criminal background check.

Do I need a credit card to purchase a permit on iSportsman?

A credit card or debit card must be used to purchase all permits (with the exception of free permits) and cash or checks will not be accepted. If you do not have a credit or debit card, a pre-paid credit card (VISA, Discover, etc.) can be purchased at most grocery stores, pharmarcies, or large retail stores and used like a credit card.

Why can't I find the permit that I want in the list of available permits?

First, your account information must show the correct requirements and validations to purchase certain permits. It is important that you enter your correct customer type at registration, complete the safety briefing and quiz (found under "Safety Briefing" tab), enter your hunter safety number for hunting permits (at registration),  enter your Georgia DNR number for hunting/fishing permits (at registration), etc. because this can affect which permits are available to you. If you are missing this information, some permits will not appear in the list of available permits. If you are 100% service-related disabled, you cannot obtain your permit until you have shown proof of disability (see question below "How do I receive my 100% service-related disability permit?")

If you have completed all the requirements and still cannot find the permit you want, check your cart: look at the top right of the screen for the blue button that shows your cart. If you have selected a permit and it is in your cart, it may not be found in the list of available permits.  Some permits can be selected multiple times, but most can only be selected once. 

Also, if you have already purchased a permit and it is current (not expired), then that permit will not show up in the available permits until your current permit expires. You can renew your permit on the day following your current expiration.

I bought my permit online, now what?  Do I print it?  Can I save it to my phone?

We recommend that you carry a copy of your permit on you at all times while on the Fort Eisenhower.  This means that you should print a paper copy of your permit at home, and bring it with you when you are on Fort Eisenhower.  If you have a smartphone, you may also save a digital copy of your permit on your phone.  Once you checkout and pay for your permit, you will see the option to print your permit.  On your smartphone, click the button to print your permit, and you will see a .pdf copy of the permit.  You can send the permit to whichever app you wish. Many people prefer to email the permit to themselves, save it to Google Drive, add it to Dropbox, or upload it to the Cloud.  Apple iPhones can save a photo of the permit, which seems to be convenient for many users.

You can print your permit at any time by viewing My Permits once you log in to your iSportsman account.  You can re-print copies as well, at any time.  You can save the .pdf at any time too.

Why can I no longer purchase a hunting and fishing combo permit?

Since hunting and fishing have different rules, they require different permits for each activity.  The iSportsman system will not allow check in for multiple activities under the same permit. With iSportsman, you will have to buy your hunting and fishing permits separately, but ultimately the two separate permits will act as a combination permit. The only exception to this rule is the 100 percent service disabled hunting and fishing permit. 

Where can I see which training areas, fishing zones, or bicycle courses are open for today?

Just click on the Open Areas link on the blue bar above. This page will show a list of all areas and their corresponding status (open or closed). If you would like to see the open areas for the next day, you can click on the "Date" drop-down menu and select tomorrow's date. However, these areas are subject to change.

If I have a Fort Eisenhower permit, do I still need a State of Georgia hunting or fishing license?

YES! Fort Eisenhower requires a valid state of Georgia hunting or fishing license in addition to a Fort Eisenhower permit for anyone over the age of 15.  You must carry both on your person at all times while hunting or fishing on Fort Eisenhower. When you register with iSportsman, you must enter your Georgia DNR Customer number to show proof that you have a Georgia hunting and/or fishing license.

How do I receive my 100% Service-related Disability Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Recreation permit?

In order to receive your discounted permit, you must first register on iSportsman and create your profile. Make sure you select "100% Service-related Disabled" as your "Customer Type". After you have created your account, please bring proof of 100% service-related disability to the Natural Resources Branch office or email a copy of your VA Disability Rating Letter to the email provided on the Contact NRB page (redact SS# please), and we will validate your account. At this point, you can log into your iSportsman account, click "Acquire Permits" and the "100% Service-Disabled Hunting and Fishing Permit" should be available. Add this permit to your cart and checkout. Please note, these permits are good for 1 year, and you must renew your permits yearly via iSportsman.

Note: if you do not see the "100% Service-Disabled Hunting and Fishing Permit" listed on your account after completing the above steps, make sure you have completed the "Safety Brief" video and quiz. No one can acquire permits without completing the safety brief.

I would like to bring a guest with me to hunt or fish. How do I go about getting a guest permit and checking in and out?

In iSportsman participating guests are referred to as "participants." Participants wishing to engage in hunting or fishing activities  must purchase their own permits! First, your "Participant" guest must register and create an iSportsman account and will select "Participant (Guest)" as their customer type. If they wish to hunt, they will be required to enter their hunter safety number at registration. They will be required to enter their Georgia DNR customer number at registration as well, in order to go hunting and/or fishing. After they register, they will be able to purchase a 1-Day or 7-Day participant guest permit and select a start date up to one week in advance. Print your participant guest permit and note the permit number; this number will be used to check in for your activity. Also, make sure your hunting participant has completed Form 7160 (found under "Regulations & Forms" tab) and keeps this form with them while hunting on Fort Eisenhower.

Non-participating guests/observers (referred to as "guests" in iSportsman) do not require a permit but are allowed to accompany sportsmen. "Guests" are not allowed to participate in the activity and are only observers. Again, in the iSportsman check in process these are called "Guests", not "Participants".

Check-in: On the day of check-in, the sponsor must check in themselves and their participants and/or guests (up to 2). The sponsor will check in participants (participating guest with a participant permit) using the participants' permit number and last initial and check in guests (non-participating guests/observers) using their name and birthday. Remember, during the check in process, participating guests are called "Participants" and non-participating guests are called "Guests." 

Check-out: When the "participant" and sponsor are done with their activity for the day, they must check out separately on their own respective accounts and report their individual harvest(s). "Guests" will be automatically checked out via the sponsor's account when the sponsor checks him/herself out.

For more information on rules relating to guests and participants, please review the Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Recreation Regulation.

I am a non-DOD affiliated civilian (i.e. general public). Can I hunt or fish on Fort Eisenhower?

We run a lottery every year that allows a number of individuals from the public to purchase permits to hunt and/or fish on Fort Eisenhower. Any individuals who would like to enter the lottery must create an iSportsman account (make sure to enter your email and select "Public" as your customer type) and purchase an entry ticket for the lottery. Individuals will be notified by email if they have won and can then purchase any hunting and/or fishing permit.

Individuals who have won the lottery must pass a driver history and criminal background check before they can access Fort Eisenhower and participate in any outdoor recreation activities. We recommend making sure you can access Fort Eisenhower before purchasing your permits, as we do not issue refunds. All public access permits purchased from the Public Access lottery while expire one year from purchase date or no later than August 1.

The lottery entry period is tenatively set for July 1-15 each year. The actual dates will be posted on the home page closer to the lottery opening. Winners will be drawn and announced on the day following the lottery closing.

Individuals wishing to participate in other training area recreation (bicycling, hiking, etc) or harvesting of forest products can purchase these permits without entering the lottery. Training area recreation and forestry permits are available to anyone that can legally access the installation.

I am a base support contractor employee. Can I still buy a permit in iSportsman?

Contractors are no longer considered "authorized users" and will have to enter the public access lottery if they wish to purchase Fort Eisenhower hunting/fishing permits. For more information on the public access lottery (entry dates, valid dates, how the lottery works) see the "I am a  non-DOD affliated civilian (i.e. general public). Can I hunt or fish on Fort Eisenhower?" question above and read the information on the "Public Access" tab on the blue bar above.

Do I need to register my weapon before hunting on Fort Eisenhower?

All individuals wishing to bring a firearm onto the installation will need to fill out and submit a Fort Eisenhower Form 9243. Military personnel must fill out the entire form in order to register their weapons. However, all other individuals may skip sections 13-17 since a background check is all that is required of them. These forms are available here or at the Law Enforcement Center. Complete this form, make 3 copies, and hand carry them to the MP Front Desk at the Law Enforcement Center on Rice Rd (more detailed directions are printed on the form) or the Visitor's Control Center at Gate 6. After your weapons registration or background check has cleared, you must pick up your paperwork and keep it with you at any time you are on Fort Eisenhower with a firearm.

If you are bringing a participant (guest) hunting with you and they do not have an approved Form 9243, then they will need to fill out a NAF Form 7160 and keep a copy in their possession while hunting. See the Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Recreation Regulation for more detailed information on these policies.

I would like to bring a child hunting/fishing with me. Do they need a permit?

Youth (ages 17 and under) can obtain a free Fort Eisenhower hunting and/or fishing permit on iSportsman if they wish to participate in any hunting or fishing activities. Youth hunters and fishermen must be accompanied by an adult with a Fort Eisenhower permit while hunting and fishing on the installation. Youth must register and create their own account to obtain the free youth permit. If you are a parent/guardian wishing to obtain a youth permit for their child, you must create/log in to your child's account to get the permit.

All youth wishing to hunt on Fort Eisenhower must have proof of completing a state approved hunter safety course. Any individuals ages 16-17 must also have a Georgia hunting and/or fishing license to hunt and/or fish on Fort Eisenhower.

On the day of hunting/fishing, the adult must check in him/herself and the child (using the child's permit number) through the adult's profile (as if checking in a sponsored participant). However, the adult and child will check out separately and report their individual harvest. See the Fort Eisenhower Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Recreation Regulation for more information on youth hunting and fishing rules.

Is there an iSportsman app for my smartphone?

No. iSportsman does not currently have an app. You will have to access the Fort Eisenhower iSportsman webpage through your phone's internet browser, but you can save/pin the webpage to your phone's homescreen for quick and easy access.

On an iPhone, navigate to the Fort Eisenhower iSportsman homepage in Safari or another internet browser. Click the center icon on the bottom menu (square with an arrow pointing up). Then click the "Add to Homescreen" option. This will pin the webpage to your homescreen.

On an Android phone, navigate to the Fort Eisenhower iSportsman homepage in your favorite internet browser (recommend Chrome or Firefox). Click the menu button in the top right corner (three stacked dots) and select the "Add to Homescreen" option. This will pin the webpage to your homescreen.

I don't have a smartphone. Is there a number I can call to check in/out with my home phone or flip phone?

Yes. You can check in/out telephonically by calling (855) 252-6110 and following the prompts. Telephony is not as quick and efficient as the online check in, but it is an option.

Why can't I buy a pinestraw raking or firewood cutting permit ahead of time?

We only offer limited areas for firewood cutting and pinestraw raking, and we do not control when areas are open and closed. If you buy your 1-Day permit on Monday to go cut firewood on Saturday, you will have no idea if those designated harvest areas will be open and neither do we (training schedules change daily). If all the designated harvest areas are closed on the only day your permit is valid, then you will have paid for a permit that you cannot use (and all purchases are non-refundable). It is recommended that you check the "open areas" link on the homepage the day you plan to harvest to make sure the harvest areas are open before purchasing your permit.

I am trying to purchase a forest products permit and a fishing/hunting license and it will not let me check out. What am I doing wrong?

Forest products permits and wildlife/recreation permits are sold via different accounts. Unfortunately, our system cannot process permits from both accounts simultaneously. You will need to purchase the two permits separately. If you are buying two wildlife/recreation permits (i.e. fishing and hunting license), then you can purchase both together, as they are linked to the same account.

I have more than one vehicle that I would like to bring on to Fort Eisenhower. Can I add another vehicle to my account?

Yes. Log in to your account and click on "My Account" > "Account Details". Click "Manage Account" and scroll down to Vehicles. Click "Add New" and add your additional vehicle.